What is the Minimum Audience Size for Facebook Retargeting?


Facebook’s advertising platform comes with a ton of unique features so you’re able to maximize your potential profit and gather more information about your target audience. This truly remarkable platform comes with a ton of advertising options from lookalikes, custom audience and my favorite, retargeting ads. But that’s when I thought to myself the other day, what is the minimum audience size that is possible for a Facebook retargeting campaign?

For a retargeting campaign, Facebook requires a minimum audience size of 1000 people. However, I recommend this figure to be much greater if you’re wanting to accomplish more from your marketing efforts.

Although a minimum audience size of 1000 people can seem like a lot for some small businesses, this should most definitely be a goal that you work towards as it can provide you with great results. In this article, we’re going to explain why Facebook has a minimum audience requirement and explain to you why it’s important to have 1000 or more people to retarget.


Why Is There A Minimum Audience Size for Facebook Retargeting?


Facebook has an extraordinarily complex algorithm and is one of the most data-filled advertising systems out there. It can provide businesses of all sizes with great information about their target audience and even help discover new audiences that they didn’t even know existed.

For this system to work, you’re expected to have certain requirements in order for the algorithm to work its magic and advertise to the correct people. For example in a retargeting campaign, you need at least 1000 people that have performed an action on your pixel within the last 365 days.

But why 1000 people? This benchmark that was created by Facebook, hasn’t been officially explained on why it’s like this. However, it’s pretty logical why they’ve set these minimum requirements.

Audience Size – Retargeting an audience that is less than 1000 people just aren’t worth it and Facebook knows this. The odds of you gaining useful and proper data from a campaign that is smaller than 1000 people is very slim and you won’t gather the information you were hoping for.  

However, before you go racing onto your ads manager and start to try to get more engagement on your pixel to run a retargeting campaign. Note that it’ll only be successful if you perform the retargeting on an audience that is likely to convert. Retargeting an audience that you haven’t seen good results with, will leave you with the same results you previously had.

New Activity – As you’re able to see, Facebook requires you to have 1000 people that have performed an action on your pixel in the last 365 days to create a retargeting campaign. The reason they’ve put this rule in is to ensure that your pixel is using up-to-date and relevant information.

Having relevant information on the audience you want to target is vital and one of the most essential requirements for your campaign to be successful. Facebook understands this and therefore made it a condition that must be met.

Although these requirements may seem daunting to any new eCommerce business owner, it isn’t as much as you may think. Both benchmarks are pretty easy to hit and just require some money for the pixel to gain worth-while data. This information by all means necessary, should not put you off retargeting ads.

They’re statically proven to massively increase your customer engagement and ultimately conversions. It’s shown that website visitors that are retargeted through a retargeting campaign have a higher chance to convert by 43%. This percentage is much higher than just targeting any old customer and therefore should be manipulated to maximize your profit potential.




All in all, retargeting ads on Facebook are a great feature on their platform. In terms of eCommerce, 1000 active pixel events within 365 days is fairly small and should be relatively achievable. Just remember, before launching a retargeting campaign. Make sure you’re retargeting people who are willing to convert.

After you’ve accomplished this, you’ll then be able to retarget an audience that is worth retargeting. Trust me, there is nothing worst than retargeting an audience that doesn’t provide you with the results that you were hoping for.