shopify traffic but no sales?

3 Steps to Increase Shopify Dropshipping Store Conversion Rates


When it comes to getting traffic but no sales on your Shopify store, conversion rates might just be the most important metric to look at. Conversion rates are a measurement of the percentage of visitors who buy a product on your site after visiting your site.

For dropshipping, a standard conversion rate is between 1-2%, with over-performing stores reaching 5% or more In this section, we’ll go over some easy ways to boost your conversion rates if you’re dealing with a  Shopify store with traffic but no sales.

How can you increase conversion rates for your Shopify dropshipping store?

You can increase your conversion rates on your Shopify dropshipping store by using high-quality product images, offering free shipping, and improving your product descriptions. These three elements are the most important when it comes to your store’s conversion rates, and by focusing on them, you’ll improve conversion rates reliably.

We’ll now go over each aspect in more detail.

product images


When it comes to dropshipping conversion rates, product imagery might just be the most important aspect. A good product image will be both descriptive and eye-catching, but also help your customers to feel comfortable in your store. Professional product images lend a sense of legitimacy to your store, and make it feel much more real and trustworthy to your potential customers.

How exactly can you use great product images improve your Shopify dropshipping store conversion rates?


Here a few specific ways you can use product imagery to improve your Shopify dropshipping store conversion rates:


High Quality Images- use images with high native resolution, so they’ll be detailed and easy on the eyes. Additionally, your images should be clickable and produce larger or zoomed-in versions of themselves. This will make inspecting your product easier for potential customers.


Multiple Angles- Always show your product from multiple angles. Similar to having high-quality images, showing your product from multiple angles helps customers inspect your product, and indicates that you have nothing to hide. Multiple angles help show character and can help build a brand, and helps your audience get a better feel for your product.


Provide Context- Simple image labels can go a long way when it comes to understanding a product. Why are your customers seeing what they are seeing? What message are you trying to convey? By helping to guide your customers as they view your product, you’ll guide them towards a purchase by making them feel comfortable with what they’re seeing.


Enable Zoom- We’ve all been frustrated by the inability to zoom in on an image online, and Shopify dropshipping stores are no exception. By including the zoom function on images for your Shopify store,you’ll help your product pages feel much more interactive, and increase conversion rates as a result.


Don’t Use Stock Photos- Stock photos can be great for many areas of online marketing, but dropshipping is not one of them. If you can, you’ll want to get your hands on the physical product you’re selling to take your own pictures, but at a minimum you’ll want to scour the web for high-quality, unique pictures of your product. Odds are, if you’ve found a potential product, others have too, and by choosing great product photos, you can stand out from the pack.


Although these aren’t all the tips for product imagery for your Shopify dropshipping store, they are the ones we feel are the most impactful.

free shipping

Time and again, it’s been proven that consumers are more willing to purchase something with free shipping, even if the total price is the same.

This means that you can bake the price of providing free shipping into your product price, and still maintain your original margin.

On Shopify, this is simple.

Head to your shipping and delivery setting and add a new rate that is “free”. Your customers will be able to see this when they check out.

better product pages


One of the fastest ways to increase conversion rates for your Shopify dropshipping store is to improve your product descriptions.

Your product description will be the most-read thing on your Shopify dropshipping store because it’s front and center on the landing page they see after clicking on one of your advertisements.

This means that it’s vital to make sure it’s perfect, from proper spelling and grammar at a bare minimum, to interesting and compelling content, ideally.

Most supplier plugins for Shopify give you the option to import a description from aliexpress, and while this can be useful, 99% of the time you’re going to want to delete it completely and start from scratch. Why? Every new dropshipper starts with the basic aliexpress descriptions, and it makes you blend it with the competition.

These basic descriptions usually don’t make sense out of context, and it’s important to write your own copy. Additionally, you won’t be building your brand if you’re just copying something from aliexpress. 

When it comes to specifications, most of the time you’ll want to delete these too.

While it’s  perfectly fine to include the necessary ones in your product descriptions, oftentimes the specification section of an Aliexpress product is poorly formatted and doesn’t make much sense.

By removing the default and presenting the information in a more visually pleasing way, you’ll improve your product descriptions and drive more conversions.

Copywriting- including product pages- is a big topic. It’s also a vital part of your dropshipping success. If you’d like to learn more about copywriting, check out this amazing article.

3 steps to increase shopify conversion rates- 2021

Although these certainly aren’t all the ways to increase the conversion rates on your Shopify dropshipping store, they are the ones we feel will be most effective in the shortest amount of time.

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