Shopify Marketing Strategies 2021


With the rapid growth of both e-commerce in general and dropshipping specifically, it’s never been more important to have a solid marketing strategy for your site down.Although each and every niche is different, online sales have enough similarities that some simple marketing strategies can dramatically boost sales. 


Obviously, a simple marketing plan can help increase conversion and sales numbers, but it can be a little difficult to nail down specifically how you should focus on your marketing for a shopify store, simply because of the variety of strategies out there. So here, we put together an effective list of the top three marketing strategies that have been proven to be working right now. 


These strategies range from generating repeat purchases from an existing customer base to new strategies for acquisition you may not have utilized yet. If you can implement just one of these tips, you will begin to see increased sales number and conversions. And after you’ve tried a few, look back and see which ones were the most effective. 


So let’s get into it. The top marketing strategies for shopify in 2021 are: 

  • Upselling, 
  • Instagram Integration
  • Reducing Abandoned Checkouts


Marketing is nothing new to the scene of sales, however, there are some key differences with an online store to keep in mind. 


When you’re marketing an e-commerce store, what you’re doing at the most basic level is using promotional tactics to create traffic for your online store, converting that traffic into sales numbers, and then retaining high-value customers who are likely to make a purchase again. 


You can either promote your entire store and catalog in a holistic manner, both on and off the website, or you can market for a specific product or landing page. Whichever you choose, these shopify marketing tips can be indispensable in creating new leads and customers.




The first marketing strategy for shopify in upselling. While this isn’t anything new by any means, it’s still one of the most effective ways to boost sales numbers. Upselling works by getting a potential customer to consider a slightly more expensive or high quality product than the one they were originally looking to buy. 


Much of the time, you’re actually doing your customer a favor, because they may not know about the other product’s existence, or not understand why it would be a better fit for them. By simply explaining to them and exposing them to the upsell, you’re likely to increase sales numbers indirectly, by increasing purchase average from customers who are already going to buy anyway.


For example, does your product have a more luxury variation or a bigger size that might benefit some people? These are the little things to look for that can make a huge difference. 


However, when you do include upsells, make sure to consider both that your upsells are related to the original product, (No one wants orange juice with their toothbrush, but they may want an electric toothbrush instead.), and that you’re being sensitive to the product’s original price range. (People aren’t looking to pay double the price.) 


You should keep in mind your target audience’s original needs, and how much they might be willing to spend for an upgrade once they already have a price point in mind from the original product. The upsell should be noticeably better than the original alternative, and at a reasonable enough price point. 


Related to upselling is cross selling, where you can suggest an additional product that might go well with your customer’s chosen one, which can also be an effective way to increase sales averages.


Instagram Integration


The second strategy for Shopify marketing in 2021 is to integrate instagram. At the very least, you should have a company instagram page where you can promote your products and post advertisements for your store. 


However, by using key instagram strategies like the right hashtags, taking compelling photos, and posting at the right time of day, you can boost your page following by a significant margin, and relatedly, boost Shopify conversions. Instagram is particularly great for shopify stores because of the ease with which you can embed links and drive traffic to your site, all for free. 


Another key part of a successful instagram page is engagement with your audience, from running contests, to showcasing products, to paying for promotional content on other peoples’ pages. By making sure you’re engaging with the right type of people, you’ll naturally drive that traffic to your shopify page, and hopefully increase conversions through that.


Reduce Abandoned Checkouts


The third and final quick strategy for increasing sales numbers is to reduce abandoned checkouts. Although they are extremely common, finding ways to reduce the ratio of them can be a way to increase conversions. 


Every time someone adds an item to their cart and starts the checkout process but doesn’t finish, you’re losing money. According to, 69% of all carts are abandoned, and if you can find a way to reduce this percentage, you will see sales grow as well. Another sales tactic which is as old as time is eliminating obstacles to purchase. You can incorporate this into your shopify store by trying to address as many hesitations as you can while someone is at the checkout stage. 


Remember, they’ve already made the decision to begin the purchase, all you have to do is remove any reasons they may have to not buy an item. 


Additionally, having an abandoned checkout emailer can be extremely valuable because it helps drive people back to your site if they have input their email, but have not completed a purchase.


Shopify Marketing Strategies for 2021


Although this is not an exhaustive list of marketing strategies, they are the top three we believe will help increase sales and conversions dramatically. 


By implementing just these three strategies and then seeing which ones work the best for you, you’ll be one your way to a successful or super-successful shopify ecommerce store! 


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