is woodropship worth it?

Features, Pros and cons, and pricing 


With the recent explosion of popularity in ecommerce in dropshipping, it’s no surprise that there are now more platforms out there to start dropshipping on than before. However, not all of them are created equal, and for some niches and industries, some are just better than others.

One of the new arrivals on the scene is Woodropship, in this article we’ll go over it’s features, a list of pros and cons, and a pricing breakdown, so that you can make an informed decision and become an expert in the plugin before you even click install. So let’s get started!


Is Woodropship worth it? Woodropship is worth it only if you plan on doing business online with wordpress and wordpress only. If this is the case, then there’s no better option than Woodropship.


Woodropship features


  • Product Importing: The first important feature of woodropship is the ability to easily import products to your dropshipping store from Aliexpress. Once the products have been imported, you can decide the prices of your products.


  • Inventory and Price Sync Features: The second feature of Woodropship worth mentioning is the ability to activate inventory and price sync features. What this means is that when a product’s price on Aliexpress changes, your store’s product price will be automatically updated as well. Woodropship also allows you to automatically update your store when your supplier runs out of inventory, which is a lifesaver when it comes to inventory management


  • Image Editor: The third feature of Woodropship is the ability to edit product images within the app! This is a unique ability when it comes to product supplier plugins, and allows for much easier transfer and importing from aliexpress, because you’ll be able to make sure the images look just right without ever opening a photo editing software. You can make your store look professional easily. In this way, Woodropship is very conducive to beginner dropshippers.


  • Product Customization: The fourth feature of Woodropship we’ll talk about is product customisation. This program allows you to easily edit product titles. Descriptions, images, variants, and pricing all before you load the product into your store. This allows you to more easily make sure your products match the look and feel of your store.


  • Automatic Order Fulfillment: The fifth feature to talk about is automatic order fulfilment. Because you can fulfil orders from your customers with just the click of a button, order fulfilment becomes a breeze. With Woodropship, products are auto-added to the AliExpress cart, and customer details are auto-filled in while you’re checking out.

Woodropship pros and cons

Now that we’ve covered the basic features of Woodropship, lets go over a list of pros and cons to the program, starting with the pros.

the benefits

  • Simple Product Import- Easily import products from Aliexpress.


  • Image Editor- Edit product images in-app.


  • Automated Order Fulfillment- Takes care of orders for you.


  • Automated Price Updates- Don’t worry about an item accidentally losing you money.


  • Automatic Inventory Updates- Manages your inventory for you.


  • Easy Product Management- Change anything about any item.


  • Easy Interface- Smooth and easy to understand.


  • Customized invoices- Automatically generate customized invoices.


  • Sales Reporting-  Get analytics about your store.


  • Bulk Price Updates- be able to pass savings on to customers or increase your margin.


  • Google Chrome Extension- One-click importing from AliExpress.





the downsides

  • Order fulfillment limited to subscription- You’ll probably need more than 10 orders filled.


  • Monthly recurring charges- However, all supplier apps have these.


  • Free trial only seven days- Unlike Oberlo, does not offer unlimited free trial.


  • Doesn’t come as WordPress plugin- You’ll have to manage everything from their site’s dashboard.





How much does woodropship cost

So how much does Woodropship cost? We’ll go over a pricing breakdown here. First of all, there is a free plan, so if you’re just getting started, go ahead and sign up for that one. However, for those looking for a bit more, Woodropship also offers more premium plans as well.

pricing breakdown

  • The Free Plan: With the free plan for Woodropship, you’ll be started on a seven day trial (you won’t need a credit card) that allows you to fulfil 10 customer orders. Although it does provide you with the full features of the app, once you get some traffic you’ll likely need to move onto one of the next plans.


  • The Basic Plan: The next plan that Woodropship offers is 14.99/mo and allows you to fulfil 300 orders per month. Unless you’re seeing rapid growth, this plan should be enough for those starting out in dropshipping.


  • The Intermediate Plan: However, if you are seeing that rapid growth, then the 29.99/mo plan will allow you to fulfil 500 orders per month.


  • The Pro Plan: If you still need more orders fulfilled, congrats, you’re doing really well! The 49.99/mo plan will allow you to fulfil an unlimited amount of orders. It’s worth noting that this comes at a much cheaper price point than oberlo’s unlimited fulfilment price, which is 79.90/mo. You can read more about Oberlo here.





is woodropship worth it?

Now that we’ve covered the features, pros and cons, and pricing breakdown of Woodropship, hopefully you’re ready to start your free trial.

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