is oberlo worth it?

Pros and cons, features, and alternatives- 2021


With the recent explosion of popularity in dropshipping, there have never been more potential shopify plugins competing for your attention or your business.

While most of them claim to provide some type of way to increase traffic, conversions, or quality of life, some are more worth it than others.

Today, we’ll go over a giant in the dropshipping game, Oberlo.

Although Oberlo is very common, with the new tools available today, is it still worth it? In this article we’ll go over the pros and cons of oberlo, the pricing breakdown of oberlo, and three alternatives to oberlo for shopify in 2021.


Oberlo is worth it if you’re just starting out and have a very small budget. However, there are other options for those with more specific needs, including Spocket, Modaylst, and ProductPro.


So why choose Oberlo for your dropshipping supplier? Lets go over the major upsides of this plugin first.


oberlo pros


  • Seamless Integration: First, Oberlo allows seamless integration with your shopify store, making it the go- to for many dropshippers just starting out because it’s just a couple clicks and you’re all set with the free plan!


  • Easy Management: Secondly, Oberlo makes managing store data much easier. Once you’ve installed the plugin, all your sales data on shopify automatically syncs with Oberlo, which makes fulfilling orders much easier.


  • Order fulfilment: Thirdly, Oberlo is a lifesaver when it comes to managing orders. Just imagine if your store took off overnight and you had to input all that customer data, it would be a nightmare! Instead, all you‘ll have to do is click the ‘order’ button in the Oberlo app and you’ll be ready to start importing customer information into Aliexpress. Oberlo also automatically updates order and shipping status within the shopify store, and automatically sends your customer an email with updates. Because of this, you’ll always have up-to-date inventory and pricing.


  • Product Importing: Fourth, Oberlo is amazing when it comes to importing products from Aliexpress. All you’ll have to do is copy the Aliexpress URL and paste it into Oberlo, and Oberlo will take care of all the rest for you. This includes pricing, variants, and even suppliers and automatic markups.


Oberlo cons


  • Limited To Shopify: First of all, you’re limited strictly to shopify’s platform with Oberlo, which means you’re limiting yourself to one platform. Although it’s not necessarily a big deal for those committed to shopify, if you’re thinking about moving or growing beyond shopify, you may want to think twice about getting too used to Oberlo.


  • Limited in-app editing: Secondly, Oberlo doesn’t actually allow you to edit products within the app. When you hit the modify button, you’re instead directed to your shopify products’s page. This means that your one chance to edit the product’s information is when you’re importing the product, so you should spend some time to make sure everything looks correct.


  • Limited Suppliers: Lastly, you’re limited to suppliers from the Aliexpress marketplace, which can be a problem for more niche products or interest areas. Although many different items are available on Aliexpress, it’s worth making sure yours is before choosing Oberlo.



Oberlo pricing breakdown


  • The Free Plan 0/mo: Firstly, most people start out with the aptly named starter plan. In this package, you’ll be able to load 500 products (way more than you need for almost any dropshipping store), and fulfill 50 orders per month. Because of the low orders per month number, unless you’re selling something more highly priced, you’ll likely have to move to the next plan once your store sees some traffic. One thing to keep in mind with the starter version is that it does not include either shipment tracking or fulfillment monitoring.


  • The Starter Plan 29.90/mo: The next plan available is 29.90/mo, and allows for 10,000 products and the fulfilment of up to 500 orders per month. At this level, unless you’re selling something very lowly priced or are getting huge amounts or traffic, your dropshipping store should be fine running this plan. This is also where Oberlo begins to offer shipment and fulfilment tracking. However, if you do start to scale with dropshipping, the next plan should take care of all your needs.


  • The Pro Plan 79.99/mo: The pro plan is 79.90/mo, and allows for 30,000 products and an unlimited amount of orders. Unless you’re scaling to an unimaginable size, Oberlo should be able to manage even your most busy season. Additionally, this is where Oberlo starts to offer the ability to connect multiple stores to the same pricing plan.



oberlo alternatives


However, what if you decide Oberlo just isn’t what you want to go with? Or maybe you’ve tried Oberlo and are looking for something a little better? We’ll now go over three great Oberlo alternatives. Hopefully, One will fit your needs. However, if you’d like to see a more full list of alternatives to Oberlo, check out our post here.


  • Spocket: The first Oberlo alternative we’ll talk about today is Spocket. One of Spocket’s best features is the quality of its suppliers. Instead of being only from Aliexpress, Spocket only stocks from vetted US/EU suppliers, with a surprisingly large selection of products available. This also allows them to offer shorter shipping times in general. Socket also offers a free plan for those just looking to dip their toes in. However, because it sources from western suppliers, Spocket can sometimes have greater margins overall than Oberlo


  • Modalyst: The second Oberlo Alternative to go over is Modalyst. With Modalyst, the main selling point is that it has a variety of retail selling features all in one place. Additionally, this supplier is most suited for high-end and luxury items, as they work with established suppliers and prominent brands. For this reason, Modaylst is best suited for those in the luxury goods niche. Although prices will be higher here, average quality will be as well.


  • ProductPro: The third and last alternative to Oberlo is ProductPro. This plugin is similar to Spocket in that they only work with western suppliers, but they’re even more selective in that they only work with US based suppliers. This means that if your main audience is in the United States, ProductPro can be one of the best supplier plugins to use.



is oberlo worth it? Dropshipping 2021


Now that we’ve covered the pricing, pros and cons, and even some alternatives to Oberlo, hopefully you’re ready to dive in, and if not, at least ready to explore some other choices if you’d like to learn more, sign up for our newsletter below and become an e-commerce genius!