launching a shopify store- essential pages checklist- 2021

essential pages for shopify dropshipping- 2021


Trust-Building Pages


Creating trust is something extremely important to dropshipping, but what does that actually mean? Part of it is social proof, like reviews on your product pages, part of it is your legal pages and how easy they are to find, and part of it is your overall site design.

However, there’s one aspect of building trust on Shopify dropshipping stores that is often overlooked: created trust-building pages, like an FAQ or blog posts about your site, product, or niche. In this article, we’ll go over 7 essential trust building pages for your Shopify dropshipping store.

Each of these pages will make visitors feel more like they’re on a reliable site:

  1. Contact Page
  2. About Page
  3. FAQ Page
  4. Collection Pages
  5. Review Pages
  6. Track Your Order Page
  7. Homepage


We’ll now go over each of these 7 essential Shopify pages in more detail.

contact page


Having a contact page is extremely important, and it’s even more important to have some way for your customers to contact you that isn’t just a business email address. How do you create a contact page for your Shopify dropshipping store? 


The easiest way to create a contact form page for your Shopify dropshipping store is to simply use a contact- form plugin on Shopify, as there are tons of free ones out there. Many of these plugins can send automated emails out as well, so your customers will receive a response right away, letting them know you’ve received their message and will be in touch.

make your store feel real

If people aren’t able to contact you, there’s a high chance they’ll leave your store.

Of course, you can also have other ways for customers to contact you, but at a bare minimum, you’ll need to have a contact page, with a contact form.

This is an essential part of building trust for a Shopify dropshipping store.

The contact form page is one of the most integral pages for trust building in your Shopify dropshipping store.





about page


This step of trust-building is often overlooked by people new to dropshipping. Beyond just making your site look nice, and your brand well-developed, you’ll also want to include an about us page to tell your “brand story” as Shopify puts it. However you want to describe it, the about page is an essential part of building trust, as it makes your store seem much more legitimate.

Customers wanting to know more about your brand will feel more comfortable if they can find curated information in an easily-accessible place on your site. You can even include a link to it on your homepage. How do you create an about page for Shopify dropshipping?

The best way to create an about us page for Shopify dropshipping is to tell your brand story. This means telling your customers why your store exists- how do you contribute to the world, what are your goals, what motivated you to start your store, and how do you provide value.

Although these might seem like broad topics, they’re applicable to every dropshipping store out there, and have much more to do with your branding than with your products.

your brand story

Let’s now go over each aspect in more detail.

How do you contribute to the world?

How does your brand provide something special, or different, than everyone else. This can be something like better materials, more highly curated product catalogs, or even product features. Basically, how are you helping to solve people’s problems?

What are your goals?

What are you trying to achieve with your business? No, this isn’t just “make money”, it should be some way you can tangibly help people or provide something unique to the world.

How do you provide value?

What does your product or catalog provide that your customers can’t find anywhere else? How does your business provide value to the world, and how does your brand do the same?

By answering these simple questions in your “about” page, you’ll create a compelling narrative about your brand, and develop trust with your customer base.




faq page


Are F. A. Q. pages worth it for Shopify dropshipping?

F. A. Q. pages can be a great way to both increase audience retention and decrease customer service time. Additionally, having an F. A. Q. will build trust with your audience, and make your site seem much more legitimate overall.

Every customer who contacts you through your contact form has questions, and by providing a page where common ones are answered fast, you’ll both increase customer retention, and decrease the amount of contact requests you get, which will decrease your overall working time. And who doesn’t like working less?

save the hassle

Increase Audience Retention

Having a F. A. Q. page increases audience retention by answering questions and solving problems that would otherwise cause a potential customer to leave your page. Having an F. A. Q. page is an easy way to remove customer objections, and every time you remove an objection to purchase, you make conversion more likely.

Reduce Customer Service Time

Having an F. A. Q. page decreases customer service time by answering questions that would otherwise have been directed towards your contact page. Every time your F. A. Q. page answers a simple question, you save time on customer service. Some examples of simple questions are how long processing takes, how long shipping takes, and, if, applicable, a sizing guide or chart.




collection pages


Are Collection pages worth it for Shopify dropshipping?

Collection pages can be a great way to both make your site look legitimate and gain organic traffic to your store. If you have a niche store, having collection pages for your collections can be a great way to organize your products and get more organic traffic to your products. 

Plus, it’s often easy to rank collection pages on google, as long as you use the right SEO. If you manage to do this, you’ll get the best kind of free traffic out there: free traffic! I’ve talked about the benefits of niche stores for dropshipping before, and you can read more about them here, but this is just one of the extra benefits you’ll get by using a niche store.

Collection pages can be a great way to both make your site look legitimate and gain organic traffic to your store.

review page


Are Review pages worth it for Shopify dropshipping in 2021? 

A separate product-review page will help reassure customers both that you’re a legitimate site, and that your product is high-quality, because they’ll see you’re comfortable displaying your reviews prominently. You’ll also have a chance to rank on google when people search for your store name + reviews, which happens more often than you think. If you can point them to your curated positive reviews, you’ll make them feel more comfortable about buying your product, which will help turn Shopify traffic into conversions.

social proof up-front

If you’re getting a lot of customer service requests along the lines of “where’s my order”, it’s a sign you might need to add this page to your Shopify dropshipping store.

Although a clear shipping policy can help, there’s no substitute for an order tracking function. Additionally, you’ll build trust with your website visitors, because you’re showing them that they’ll be able to track their order if they do decide to make a purchase.

This page can be especially important for dropshipping with high-ticket items, as customers will be more likely to care about the whereabouts of their order if it’s worth a lot of money.

Overall, being able to track an order will give your site both a sense of legitimacy, and credibility with your visitors.







Is the Homepage important for Shopify dropshipping?


The homepage is important for Shopify dropshipping both because it reflects the overall quality and trustworthiness of your website, and because it can help reinforce the trust of potential customers.

vital to site integrity

I’ve found that a surprising amount of new dropshippers overlook the homepage of their website, because their ads are sending your audience to the product pages anyway.

However, the homepage can be important for a couple different reasons. First, people who click from your product page to your homepage are more than likely at least somewhat interested in your brand, and therefore more likely to make a purchase.

Because of this, it’s important to put some effort into your homepage and make it look nice. It should be at least up to the same quality of your product page.

After all, continuity in store design is key, and that includes the quality of that design.





shopify store- essential pages checklist 2021

Although there are other miscellaneous pages, these 7 are the ones most integral to site trustworthiness and overall conversion rate.

By making sure to spend some time on just these pages, you’ll improve your store’s quality, and store improving conversion numbers along the way.

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