How to Find Dropshipping ads on Facebook


Product research is crucial when it comes to having a successful dropshipping store. But how do you find products or niches that perform well on Facebook? It’s a lot easier than you think and in this article, we want to guide you in finding good, relatable Facebook dropshipping ads.


There are several ways to find dropshipping ads on Facebook. The main ways are through keywords and free or paid ad finder tools. To search by keywords, you’ll simply search for key phrases in the search box that dropshippers commonly use in their ad copy. Such as “50% off”, “free shipping” and “get yours today”. Once searched, it’ll bring up all of the videos, aka ads, that have these related keywords.


Researching products and competitors play a vital role in achieving a successful dropshipping store. In my early days of dropshipping, I thought to be successful I needed to reinvent the wheel. Although this is somewhat true, in all honesty, copy and pasting similar products and ad copies that are already accomplishing success on Facebook, can be greatly rewarding without having to do much work.

4 Ways to Find Dropshipping ads on Facebook


As mentioned above, they’re many ways in which you’re able to find great ad creatives on Facebook. We’re going to mention various free methods and also a paid approach. The paid way will obviously provide you with the best data, but the free methods are more than good enough for most dropshippers.




The first and most popular way to find dropshipping ads on Facebook is by searching for key terms on Facebook’s search bar. It’s a simple method, the only issue is that it might pull up ad copies that have nothing to do with dropshipping and are just ordinary businesses.

Below is a list of phrases that most dropshippers use within their ad copy, by searching these terms in Facebook’s search bar it’s likely dropshipping ads will appear.


Free Worldwide Shipping

Just Pay Shipping

Get 50% Off Today (here you can mess about with any percentages)

 While Stocks Last

Buy Now

 Get Yours Here

Click This Link

Keywords that are associated with your product. For instance, if it’s a football gift, type in “football gift” or “gifts”.

There is an abundance of different ways to search for dropshipping ads via the keyword method, and I’ve personally seen some great results from it.

To make it more laser targeted and up-to-date, you’re able to select a month in which the post or advert was published in. For best results, you don’t want to look at ads that haven’t got much engagement yet. Search for ads that have been posted for a few months and have gathered some views, as these will be the products that have had long-lasting success.

Turbo Finder


This google chrome extension has been around for some time now and has been outstanding since it was released. It’s simple to use and helps you find real ads, fast.

All you need to do is download this extension and head over to your Facebook newsfeed. Once you’re here, activate the extension and the page will refresh. When the page refreshes, it’ll only show you ads that are currently being shown to you on your newsfeed.

Unlike the keyword method, Turbo Finder will give you ads that are currently running. This gives you great insights into what’s currently being advertised on the platform.

If you’re looking for inspiration for a new product idea or ad campaign, then Turbo finder is your much-needed tool to become successful. Another great feature of this extension is it’ll trackback competitor’s ad copies from their websites. Something that is unheard of with a Chrome extension, but it can be manipulated to discover profitable advertisements. To use this feature, head over to your chosen competitor’s website and launch the extension, once on it’ll redirect you to their Facebook ads which they’re currently running to that site.

Pretty awesome, right? It certainly is, and the best thing about it is that it’s completely free.

Ad Intelligence


This method to search for dropshipping ads is the most detailed yet and comes with some great additional features. By using Ad Intelligence you’ll skip all the “fluff” and head straight to up-to-date and relevant ads that are targeted to your search terms.

It’s simple to use, first sign up for the software and then head over to their “Ad Search” section. When here you’ll be able to enter a keyword that is related to what ad you’re trying to find. Once searched, all ads that are found on the Facebook platform that are related to that chosen keyword or keywords will show. You’ll then be able to filter through them, by newest to oldest, photo or video, active and inactive.

As an additional extra, when paying for this service you’ll also gain access to their audience finder. It works similarly to when you’re selecting a target audience on Facebook. However, it just gives you greater detail about them, rather than just the name of the audience and other related ones.

If you’re serious about getting into dropshipping and want to analyze other competitor’s ads before getting started, this is by far the best method in searching for creatives. Although you have to pay for this, it’s more than worth the investment.


Bookmark Key Competitors


Another method is to bookmark key competitors or large dropshippers on Facebook. You may be able to find these by using the other methods suggested above, or when you’re just browsing on Facebook.

But if you’re able to spot a large or key competitor, keep a note of their Facebook page. After all, if you know they’re a successful store it’s not a bad idea to mimic or gather tips from their advertisements, because obviously, something is working.

What I personally have is a large excel file that has links to competitor’s Facebook pages and a description of their overall niche. So, if I’m wanting to start a certain niche store and I’m stuck for ideas, I can reference back to this excel file and branch out from there.




I can’t stress enough, how important it is to research competitors and get an understanding of what’s currently selling on Facebook. Doing this analysis will give you a head start in product research and save you a ton of time and money in the long run.

After all, why try to reinvent the wheel when something is already working, right? Find products that are doing well, and market them better than your competitors. You will already it’s selling well, you just have to find a way in making it better.