facebook ads rejected for circumventing systems? here’s why.


With how important Facebook ads are to e-commerce and business in general, it’s more important than ever to make sure your ads are getting approved right away.

One of the absolute worst things to see as a marketer is that one of your ads has been disapproved. To make matters worse, sometimes Facebook can be confusing when it comes to rejection, often only providing a keyword as to why.

So in this article, we’ll go over one of those keyword phrases: circumventing systems.


Why does Facebook reject ads due to circumventing systems?


Facebook rejects ads due to circumventing systems if they think your ad is trying to get past one of their automated systems in some way. Most often, ads are rejected for this reason because they have Unicode characters or symbols, because Facebook can’t access your landing page, or because you’ve created a new advertising account and Facebook found out.

 three components of circumventing systems


In the rest of the article, we’ll break down the three major components of Facebook ads rejected for circumventing systems:

  • Unicode characters or symbols
  • Inaccessible Landing Page
  • New Advertising Account

We’ll go over common reasons, mistakes, and fixes for Facebook ads rejected for circumventing systems.

unicode characters and symbols

Facebook doesn’t allow for Unicode character symbols because they can be used to get around Facebook’s automated ad review system.

Ironically, Unicode characters and symbols are now automatically flagged through this system, which can get a Facebook ad rejected for circumventing systems.

One common mistake marketers new to Facebook ads make is accidentally including a Unicode character or symbol in their ad copy, and getting the ad rejected automatically by Facebook, with nothing but this strange phrase as reasoning.

Although some symbols can be useful from Unicode, it’s generally possible to get your point across without it, and is a lot safer when it comes to getting flagged by Facebook’s automated systems.

An easy fix if your ad is getting rejected for circumventing systems and it includes a Unicode character or symbol is to just remove the Unicode.

Odds are, if this was the reason it was rejected, you’ll get it approved in no time the second time around.





inaccessable landing page

If Facebook attempts to access your landing page to review it, and for whatever reason they are blocked, your ad may be rejected for circumventing systems.

The reason Facebook does this is to stop people from blocking their page when Facebook’s team or automated systems attempt to review it.

One common mistake people can make that could cause your ad to be rejected for circumventing systems is not having their website completely set up before you start getting ads approved. It may sound simple, but the order you do this in matters.

If Facebook can’t access your site when they review your ad, it’s going to be rejected, most likely for circumventing systems. Another common mistake people make is not having a SSL certificate on their site. In some cases, this has been known to cause people to receive this error when getting Facebook ads reviewed.

In general, a SSL certificate is necessary for any online store, and more platforms make it easy to obtain one for free.

One easy fix, therefore, is to just add an SSL certificate to your site if you didn’t have one before. If this is all you’re lacking, your ad will likely be approved once Facebook can actually access your landing page with security.

Another simple fix is to just have your site completely ready to go before submitting Facebook ads for review. Again, the order you do it in matters.

Make sure its site first, Facebook ads second. After all, you need somewhere to send your customers, right?





new ad account

Facebook does not allow you to create a new account and start advertising on it if you already have an existing one, especially if that existing one has violations recorded on it.

In general, if you’re dealing with a Facebook account in penalty, it’s better to slog it out rather than try to get around Facebook, because the potential consequences of getting found out can be huge, for example getting locked out of all advertising assets overnight because Facebook made the connection.

Although they can be slow, it’s better to get an appeal started than to keep making new accounts. One common mistake marketers new to Facebook ads make is creating a new account with the same credit account information and trying to connect it to Facebook just to speed up the process.

This is a great way to get your ads rejected for circumventing systems. As far as easy fixes go, if you’re new, then you probably don’t have too much to worry about. Just follow Facebook’s guidelines, and you’ll be alright.





circumventing systems and

facebook ads

Now that we’ve gone over the three major components of why Facebook ads are rejected for circumventing systems, hopefully you’ve found the quick fix that will get your ads running again.

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