E-commerce SEO Tips 2021


As e-commerce becomes more and more prevalent and more and more successful, there are more and more sites competing for search rankings all the time. For this reason, it’s more important than ever to get your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) right. 


Because it can help drive so much traffic and subsequently, conversions, to your site, having great SEO on your e-commerce store can really be the make or break for success. 


Not to mention that it’s completely free! Who doesn’t want to increase sales numbers and conversions for no added cost? 


However, it’s not as simple as it may seem, so today we’ll go over some of the most important SEO tips to make sure your page ranks on search engines and gets that free traffic that is so valuable.


Site Structure

Site Speed and SSL


First of all, you’ll want to make sure you have a good site structure. A couple important things to keep in mind with site structure are that your store must be on a https for google to trust it, and that site speed is extremely important for SEO. The slower your site loads, the lower it will rank on search engines. So if you want to increase SEO traffic for an e-commerce site, try to keep the site as lightweight as possible, with a small amount of plugins. 


Additionally, if your site is too slow, many potential customers will click off right away because your site takes too long to load. 


Mobile Optimization


Another important aspect of site structure for SEO is to make sure your site looks good on mobile devices. With 50% of all e-commerce sales (at least) coming from mobile devices, this is one aspect of e-commerce that you just can’t afford to ignore when it comes to SEO.




Another part of site structure that can make a big difference is building backlinks. These are links which link back to other products or pages on your site, and can help with SEO indirectly. 


Meta- Descriptions


Additionally, by creating high-quality, compelling meta descriptions for your pages, you can increase the clickthrough rates on your search listings that people are seeing already.


Alt Text for Images


You can also add alternative text to any pictures you might have on your site, because the algorithms will read that data too and use it to inform SEO. As an added bonus, it can also help the blind and visually impared use your website. 


Page Redirects


Also, if you have a discontinued product, make sure to redirect it to a new, active product, so you don’t lose out on that SEO you’ve generated for the old page.


Optimize for People and Algorithms


And finally, the last part of site structure we’ll go over is the importance of structuring your pages in such a way that they’re readable for both people and algorithms. For example, you’ll want to make sure you have clear categories of pages and products delineated, so both humans and bots can understand and appreciate your site structure.

Content Creation

The next huge SEO tip for e-commerce in 2021 is in the details in writing and content creation for your website. 


Key Phrases


Make sure to include tags and phrases like ‘Free Shipping” and “On Sale” in order to maximize your click through rate on already successful listings. 


Content Length


Also, on every product page you should have at least 1,000 words of content and use your keyword phrase at least 5 times throughout the page. This will help google understand that your page is a valuable one and a relevant one with an abundance of content, which helps the algorithm to move you up in search ranking organically. 

Relevant product Descriptions

Related to this, make sure you’re creating relevant, in depth product descriptions so that google knows your page isn’t just a blank one with a product and a buy button. Product descriptions are one of the easiest ways to boost sales traffic through SEO.


Versus Posts


Another tip for content creation and writing is to create “versus” style posts where you compare two products. You can even compare one you sell and one you don’t and provide customers with a link to the product page for both or just one. An easy way to find good products for a versus style post is to see which similar products are currently trending within your industry. 


Use Specific Words


You’ll also want to use specific words in your content. Think about what your audience would know about and search for, but no one else would. This will help you find the right type of audience through SEO, and will directly increase clickthrough rate and conversions, because the relevant people will be directed to your site. 


Spread Out Content


Additionally, try to put content somewhere other than your product pages as well. Product descriptions are great, but extensive blog posts with valuable content is even better when it comes to search engines. By creating valuable content, you’ll increase the chances google will mark your site as relevant to your specific niche. 


Seasonal Guides


Related to blogging is creating seasonal product catalog guides and taking advantage of seasonal trends to drive traffic to your site. If you’re running low on content, you can also start featuring user-generated content like reviews for better product descriptions, more engagement, and more friendly SEO. 


Long-Form Posts


Also related to blogging is long-form posts. For example, if you have a specific product or catalog you want to market, creating a longer blog post about it that provides value to your audience will help that catalog and page rank higher in SEO.


Brand Awareness


Thirdly, the last category of tips we’ll go over here is promotion and brand awareness through SEO. For your product pages, make sure you’re posting social proof (reviews). According to a local consumer review from 2020, 85% of consumers trust social reviews, which makes them indispensable for increasing conversions. However, they also improve SEO as well. By simply adding user-generated content, you’re increasing both the amount and variety of content on your page, which will help you rank higher in organic searches. 


Add Reviews


Adding reviews from buyers on product pages can be a great way to generate free content. Also, even though we’re discussing organic SEO here, it can be helpful in specific situations to pay for search ads through google, simply because of the power of brand awareness. 


Consistent Content Creation


However, by far the most important way to build brand awareness and an online marketing presence through organic seo is just to make sure you’re producing content often, and linking to it consistently. 


E-commerce Marketing Strategies for 2021


These three general categories of e-commerce SEO tips will help to dramatically improve traffic to your site. Whether you’re brand new and just starting out in e-commerce, or if you’re already established and looking to grow, these three strategies can be indispensable in improving SEO, traffic, and conversions. If you’d like to learn more, sign up for our newsletter today to receive valuable insights into the rapidly expanding world of online sales, and become an e-commerce genius!