dropshipping your own brand in 2021

With the incredible recent surge in the popularity of dropshipping, it’s no surprise that there are more and more Shopify dropshipping stores popping up every day. 

And although it is still completely viable to get into dropshipping with products branded by suppliers in China, and we actually still recommend getting started this way, the massive upside to growth is really in expanding an existing one-product or niche dropshipping store into a private- label dropshipping store. 

This can be where e-commerce through dropshipping gets really exciting, as you’re able to start focusing on the parts of your business that will make you stand out from others, and you’ll also start to form a permanent space for yourself in your chosen niche. 

So how should you start dropshipping your own brand in 2021? The three steps to dropshipping your own brand are: finding a successful product and determining if it is viable to personally brand, finding a supplier, and managing your online store. So let’s get started!

identify winning product

The first step to dropshipping your own brand is to identify a winning product and then determine if that niche will be good for dropshipping, because not all of them are. For example, you’ll want to make sure the size of your item and any items you might be expanding to will be conducive to shipping via epacket. 

If you’re not familiar, epacket is a shipping method from China that allows for free and relatively fast shipping to the USA. This makes products which have an epacket shipping method available much easier to dropship, because shipping costs will not even be an issue to consider. 

The problem with epackets, although they are great, is that there are certain dimension limits to what products can be shipped with an epacket, which naturally limits the product selection for dropshipping.

analyze potential niche

Also, be careful of any niche that will be difficult to get approved for ads on Facebook. 

For example, avoid unregulated supplements, over 18 products, and surveillance equipment. You’ll want to avoid unregulated supplements because Facebook will not allow them, over 18 products because targeting will be very difficult, and surveillance equipment because the ads are difficult to develop. 

If you’d like to see a full list of products hazardous to Facebook ads and why they are, check out our post here. In addition, your chosen niche should have some characteristics that will be good for dropshipping, to make getting first established much easier. 

For example, some characteristics of good dropshipping products are: Low price-tag items, small and collectible items, and items which are very conducive to being advertised on Instagram. Once you’ve found a niche you think you may like to start dropshipping your own brand in, you’ll first want to set up a basic one product store with Shopify. 

This will let you experiment with the chosen product and niche so that you can see potential traffic and potential conversions. If your numbers look good, then it’s on to the next step!





find a supplier

The second step to dropshipping your own brand in 2021 is finding a supplier. If you’ve done a good job in step one with choosing your product and niche, then hopefully this part won’t be too difficult. However, there are some stumbling blocks to working with suppliers when it comes to forming your own brand, so we’ll go over some of the most helpful tips here. 

Although it’s important to find a reliable supplier that carries your product, it’s even more important to make sure that supplier is reliable, and will continue to hold up their end of the deal through shipping times and inventory. 

With shipping times, one bad batch where it takes an extra long time for customers to receive their item can kill your brand entirely. This is why it’s so important for private- label drop shipping stores to have reliable suppliers. Because you’re putting your own brand name out there instead of the supplier’s, it’s your brand’s reputation that’s at risk.

reliablility matters

Relatedly, if a supplier has frequent issues with inventory where listed products are unavailable, your customers may not see your store as reliable itself, which is especially devastating to a private brand. 

The most important aspect of finding a supplier for your store and products is to consider where they and their inventory are based. If they’re international, they may offer amazing rates and a variety of products, but the shipping times can be difficult.

And if they’re based in the USA, chances are they’ll have great shipping times, but a much smaller selection of potential products and higher overall costs.





develop your platform

Engage agile and finally think outside the box. Considering transformation mapping with the possibility to take this offline. Amplifying user engagement while remembering to create synergy. Build above the fold and possibly go viral.

management and automation

The third and final step of setting up your private-label dropshipping store in 2021 is developing and managing your online store. Because you’ve already put so much time and investment into finding a supplier and determining your niche, the site design and flow is something you can’t afford to ignore.

The actual place that consumers will see and browse your products will help finally tie all the work you’ve been doing together, so it’s even more important to set it up right than with normal dropshipping using non branded products. 

Because you’re dropshipping your own products, you should also consider opening stores on social media sites or other marketplaces like eBay and Amazon, mainly just to drive traffic to your store. This will help with both brand awareness and potential audience reach.

If you’re new to setting up an online store, then Shopify is almost always the best way to get started. However, if you’re more advanced, you could use either an open or closed source CMS to build and develop your store.





dropshipping your own brand in 2021

Now that we’ve gone over the most important steps to get your own dropshipping brand started, what are you waiting for? Although it’s certainly a more intense project than opening a one product or niche store with non- branded products, the upside is also much greater.

Although these aren’t all the tips and tricks to starting your own dropshipping brand in 2021, they are the ones we feel most confident sharing.

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