Dropshipping Yoga Products- complete guide 2021


Dropshipping is a huge opportunity, and it’s only getting bigger. However, one of the most important aspects of dropshipping success is choosing the right product. If you’re thinking about dropshipping yoga products, you’re on the right track! Americans spend over 15B on yoga products per year, which means the market is huge! So does dropshipping yoga products work?


Dropshipping yoga products can be a great way to break into the dropshipping scene. Because most items are lightweight, they are easy to ship. Additionally, the target market is large, and most of that market is on social media, where you’ll do most of your advertising. This makes yoga products uniquely conducive to dropshipping.


In this article we’ll go over everything about dropshipping yoga products:


  • Why Yoga Products?
  • Finding Winning Yoga Products
  • Marketing Yoga Products Successfully


Let’s get into each aspect of dropshipping yoga products in more detail now. 


Why Dropship Yoga Products?


There are a few good reasons that yoga products are great for a dropshipping store:


  1. Large Market- The market for yoga products is huge, and has opportunities beyond the surface products like yoga mats. For example, you could sell straps, clothing, or supplements as well. Additionally, there are plenty of subspaces within the yoga niche, so it’ll be easy to carve out an area for yourself.


  1. Expanding Audience- Even though the yoga market is already huge, it’s still growing! As more and more people become interested in yoga, they’ll need more and more products to assist them. The target audience is also uniquely available on Facebook, which makes targeting and marketing effectively a lot easier.


  1. Low Barrier to Entry- First of all, most yoga products are pretty cheap, especially the accessories and clothing. For this reason, it’s a lot easier to get started dropshipping yoga products because you require less upfront investment to order those first few products. Yoga products are also usually pretty light, light makes them easy to ship, which is always important for dropshipping.


A large market, expanding audience, and low barrier to entry are all reasons to try dropshipping yoga products, for both beginners and more experienced dropshippers alike.


Finding Winning Yoga Products


As with any dropshipping business, finding the right products is half the battle. However, when it comes to yoga products, there are a few ways to make that process easier:


  1. Choose your space- Yoga is a big space. Which sub-topic do you want to sell products in? By narrowing down your potential selection of products, you’ll make it a lot easier on yourself by reducing your choices. Some sub-areas include clothing, matts, accessories, supplements, and health products.


  1. Focus on Shipping- When you’re choosing a product, you can narrow it down further by looking only at items that have fast, cheap shipping to the USA. This won’t be super common, but these items do exist, and they’re perfect for dropshipping.


  1. Use a Product Finder- Once you’ve narrowed down your potential category of products , it can be worthwhile to use a product finder tool. In many of these services, you can add plenty of filters to find your exact yoga product, like sell the trend. There are plenty of these available, and all of them are paid services. If you’d like to check out our full list of suggested product finders, check out our article here.

Finding the right products can be time-consuming, but it’s also maybe the most important aspect of your dropshipping success. For this reason, don’t skip over this step, and make sure to find a product you believe in.


Marketing Yoga Products


When it comes to dropshipping, few things are more important to your success than your marketing strategy, and much of that strategy depends on your chosen niche. So how can you effectively market yoga products for dropshipping?


  1. Content Marketing- Yoga is a topic people spend a lot of time online learning about, from YouTube videos to blogs to shopping. Because of this, starting a blog on your dropshipping store can be more effective than usual when it comes to driving traffic to your site. Many people new to dropshipping ignore content marketing, and while it’s not completely necessary, it can be beneficial, especially for some niches like yoga products.


  1. Community Engagement- Similar to creating a blog, creating a forum where users can interact with you, your products and blogs, and each other can be more effective for yoga products than for other dropshipping products, simply because of the nature of the niche- yogis like community. If you can provide a platform for that community, you’ll naturally market more effectively.


  1. Work with Influencers- Oftentimes, people new to dropshipping overlook the marking opportunities that come with instagram influences. You can find theme pages about your specific area of yoga, and message them about promo rates. Odds are, they’ll have a response ready and you should be able to set up a sponsored post easily. Instagram sponsored advertising works better for some niches than for others, and yoga is definitely one of them.


Dropshipping Yoga Products- Complete Guide 2021


There are a ton of different opportunities within dropshipping, and dropshipping yoga products are just one of them. However, yoga products can be a great springboard for dropshipping, especially for those new to the dropshipping industry.


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