dropshipping product research strategies- 2021

With the ever growing popularity of e-commerce and dropshipping, finding a winning product has never been more necessary. Although there is almost unlimited opportunity in the field of online business, there is also growing competition.

Because there is a sea of products and increasing market saturation, finding a unique or relatively undiscovered product within your niche can make or break how successful your store will become.

So here, we thought we’d go over some product research strategies that have been proven to still be working for e-commerce in 2021.

We’ll also go over how exactly you could incorporate them into your own product research method. These strategies for ecommerce product research have been proven to get results by finding winning products consistently. Much of the time, people new to the world of ecommerce will ignore product research or at least not spend as much time on it as they should.

Because it’s such an overlooked aspect of ecommerce, it’s also one of the easiest ways to differentiate your store from the rest. So let’s get started.

instagram research

The first strategy for finding winning products to dropship through Shopify is to create a new Instagram business account, and then follow every page you can that’s in your niche.

By doing this, you’ll tell the Instagram algorithm that you’re interested in whatever niche you’re in, and they’ll start serving you ads based on that niche.

By simply observing the targeted ads on that account, you can determine both which products may be working right now based on current advertisements, or where there may be a spot you can fill in your niche.

For example, you could follow all dog pages on Instagram, and then see what kind of pet product ads are being served to you.

If you’re seeing a lot of dog beds, chances are dog beds will be a good thing to dropship

paid ads and sponsored posts

Although this may seem simple and like an intuitive step, many people don’t take the time to notice what ads are currently running in their niche.

Doing this can make all the difference in finding effective products to dropship through Shopify. Not only can you observe the paid ads you’re being served, you can also take notice of any sponsored content influencer pages are posting.

By following the money of sponsored posts and paid ads, you can determine the best currently working products to dropship through Shopify.

After all, pages wouldn’t be paying for ads if they weren’t seeing traffic and conversions for that product.

One additional tip for Instagram engagement is to follow not only serious pages, but joke and meme pages as well.

By engaging with this side of the community, you’ll really be able to get a sense of how your broader audience responds to ads and products.





sell the trend

The second indispensable tip is to go on over and start your free trial of Sell The Trend. It’s a whole seven days, and if you feel like it’s not worth it you can cancel anytime and not pay a penny.

Right now, Sell the Trend has been proven to be the most effective Shopify dropshipping product research tool available, and it’s no surprise it’s getting results based on how loaded with features it is.

free trial

As just a couple examples, it has amazing search tools with integrated filters, sample Facebook ads, and trend analysis from three different sources. Also, if you do decide to pay for a month or two of subscriptions, it’s actually at a pretty low price point of 39.99/mo.

Yes, it’s a paid product, but considering it costs less that one or two conversions of most products would make you per month, we at incomewithinternet believe it to be worth every penny.

So head on over now and start your free trial, and get all the benefits without paying a thing.





amazon trends

The third Shopify product research strategy we’ll go over is utilizing the full power of the data amazon makes publicly available. Of course, we’re talking about analyzing amazon trends.

The reason this is so much more effective than just analyzing Aliexpress trends alone is that with amazon, you’re seeing the most popular products among people who are most likely to click on your dropshipping ads and grant you a conversion.

This is because people who shop from amazon are on average more often from western countries, especially the United States, and they’re also much more likely to have a disposable income with which to pay for impulse purchases.

amazing data

The first step to analyzing amazon trends is to go to the shakers and movers section of the amazon website.

This is where you’ll be able to see what products are currently trending on amazon, and allows the added functionality of filtering by category and more specific niche within that category.

You can also filter by a couple different options, including Best Sellers, New Releases, Movers and Shakers, Most Wished For, and Gift Ideas. All of these categories have their merits, and what niche you’re in really determines which is best for you.

After you’ve done some research on amazon, you’ll want to figure out which ones will produce the highest sales numbers, conversions, or will just generally be the most conducive to dropshipping.

After you narrow this down, further analyze Aliexpress and amazon to see how each compares to the other. From here, you can make an informed choice about product selection




facebook analysis

The next product research method to find winning dropshipping products in 2021 is analyzing Facebook ads and marketplace to see if there are any currently running ads. One of the best ways to get started here is similar to the Instagram product research method mentioned above.

First, you’ll create a new business page and then follow a bunch of pages only in your niche, then observe which ads you’re being served.

However, because of Facebook’s transparency policy, they allow you to accomplish much more effective analysis, as long as you know where to look.

facebook transparency

When you see an ad for a product you think you may be interested in dropshipping, click on the ad’s connected Facebook page. From here, find the ‘page transparency’ button in the lower left hand side and click see more.

Now, you’ll be able to visit the Ad Library, again in the lower left hand position of the page. There’s just a few steps to go.

From there, you’ll want to filter the ads by you or your audience’s country, so you’ll see only the ads that the page ran targeted towards them.

From here, you’ll be able to see how many ads they have, how long they’ve been running, and even the different variations of each ad.

In this way, no-one’s advertising on Facebook is truly secret, because by looking at a page’s ad content history, you’re able to effectively determine their ad strategy, aside from specific targeting, which is probably the most important part of Facebook marketing altogether.

By simply accessing public information, you’ll put yourself miles above anyone who doesn’t know about, or doesn’t want to do the research into this invaluable resource provided by Facebook.





shopify product research strategies- 2021

Although these few product research strategies for Shopify dropshipping are certainly not the only ones out there, they are the tactics that have been proven to be working on a consistent basis through the end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021.

By simply taking advantage of these three incredible tools, Instagram research, Sell the Trend, and Facebook Transparency research, you’ll more often find winning strategies that will be sure to take your dropshipping to the next level.

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