Common Facebook Ads Issues and Solutions- 2021


Facebook Ads can be one of the most effective ways to promote your business, whether it be online or in- person. However, they aren’t always easy to understand or intuitive, so in this article we’ll go over some of the common problems with Facebook ads, why they happen, and how to fix them. So let’s get started!


Facebook ads: You don’t have permission? Here’s Why:


If you’re getting a message saying you don’t have permission when trying to use Facebook ads, it means that the account you’re using doesn’t have full access to the business assets under the business manager account. The admin of the account controls these permissions.


How to fix it:


If you do own the account, then this is usually a simple fix of enabling the right accounts permissions in your business manager. If you don’t own the account, you’ll need to contact the Facebook page owner and have them grant you permissions to first access their page. Once that’s done, this message should go away and you’ll be able to access facebook advertising on the account.


Levels of permissions for Facebook Ad Accounts


There are five different levels of permissions that can be granted to a business manager account by the account admin:


  1. Analyst- Someone with analyst access can only view the results of your advertising campaigns, but can’t change anything about them. This is the most limited role, with the specific permissions granted being:


  1. View Insights
  2. View Page Quality
  3. See who published as the Page


  1. Advertiser- Someone with advertiser access can both view the results of advertising and create ads and promotions. Specifically, in addition to the previous roles’ permissions, advertisers can:


  1. Create Ads
  2. Create Promotions
  3. Create Boosted Posts


  1. Moderator- Someone with moderator access to the page is able to take actions regarding the community of your facebook page. They’ll manage messages, comments, and followers. Specifically, in addition to the previous roles’ permissions, Moderators can:


  1. Send messages as the page
  2. Respond to and delete comments
  3. Respond to and delete posts to the page
  4. Remove and ban people from the page


  1. Editor- People with editor permission have almost total access to the Facebook page, aside from role management. Editors are able to control every aspect of the page. Specifically, in addition to the previous roles’ permissions, editors can:


  1. Edit the page and add apps
  2. Create and delete posts as the page
  3. Publish and manage jobs
  4. Turn on or off job features for a post


  1. Admin- By default, the creator of the Facebook page is the admin. However, the admin can promote other people to the role of admin. Just be sure that if you do this, they are very trusted, as they can then remove you from admin and lock you out of your own Facebook page. In addition to the previous pages’ roles, page Admins can:


  1. Manage Page Roles
  2. Manage Page Settings


As you can see, there are varying levels of permission, and Facebook allows you to grant the specific amount of power you want to each individual business account that might be working on your page, as the admin. So if you’re getting the error of “you don’t have permission” be sure your page admin has assigned you the right page role for your assigned task.


Facebook Ads: Your advertising access is restricted? Here’s why.


Facebook advertising access can be restricted for a number of reasons, but the most likely reasons include having too many rejected ads, trying to circumvent Facebook’s review process, behavior Facebook deems “deceptive”, and having suspicious associations. These can each be a bit complex, so we’ll go over them in detail here.


Too Many Rejected Ads


Depending on the severity of your infractions, Facebook will restrict your advertising after a certain amount of rejected ads. This is because if you are consistently uploading ads that are getting rejected, at some point Facebook will want to stop wasting resources on you. For this reason, it’s important to submit ads that will be approved in the first place. Not only will this make your ad experience better, it will also help protect your Facebook ad access.


Facebook is looking for those repeatedly submitting ads that do not comply with their policies, because they see those people as purposefully trying to get around their systems. You can avoid this by uploading good ads that are likely to be approved in the first place.


Circumventing Facebook’s review systems


If you receive a message saying that your advertising access has been restricted because of ‘circumventing systems”, it’s usually because Facebook thinks you’re trying to purposefully get around their review systems. 


This comes down to Facebook trying to protect their systems and make sure they’re working correctly. If Facebook identifies someone trying to avoid their review systems, they’ll restrict advertising access for that person or account. Three easy ways to get your Facebook advertising restricted for circumventing systems are:


  • Using Unicode characters in your ad.
  • Making your landing page inaccessible
  • Creating new ad accounts after one has been disabled


To Facebook, these are three signs that someone is trying to evade their review process, and sneak through ads that may not otherwise be approved.


Behavior Facebook deems “Deceptive”


If Facebook thinks that someone is being purposefully deceptive or lying in their advertising, their advertising access is likely to be restricted. Facebook does this so that they can protect authentic interactions on their platform- they want people to trust whatever is being presented to them. 


This also includes misrepresentations of yourself or your popularity, as well as using multiple Facebook accounts to achieve your marketing goals. More specifically, behaviors Facebook doesn’t allow for “deceptive behaviors” include misrepresenting:


  • Your Identity
  • Popularity of a Facebook or Instagram Page
  • The purpose of an audience or community
  • Source of Content
  • Payment Credentials


Misrepresenting any of these five things is likely to get your Facebook advertising restricted for deceptive behaviors.


Suspicious Associations


If Facebook thinks you’re connected to sketchy organizations, they’re likely to restrict your advertising access. This is because Facebook thinks you’re more of a risk if you have these associations, and they want to make sure none of that untrustworthy content makes its way onto their platform via your ads. 


Some of the ways Facebook determines suspicious associations include ad account behavior and domain credibility. Because of this, it’s important to make sure your ad connections are clean and that you’re not connected to a suspicious organization without even knowing it.


Facebook Ads: Unusual Activity? Here’s Why.


Sometimes, people log into Facebook to find a message saying your Facebook advertising access has been restricted because of unusual activity. If Facebook is having a problem with confirming your payment information or identity, then you might get this message. 


However, you might also get this information if Facebook thinks someone might have hijacked your accounts, or if Facebook has reason to suspect your identity.


How to Fix It


The easiest way to fix this error message is by paying any outstanding bills for your Facebook ads. If that fails, try updating your payment information. Usually, by confirming your identity through your billing, this message will go away.


Facebook Ads in Review for a Long Time? Here’s Why.


Usually, Facebook ads are reviewed within a few minutes, and almost all of them are approved within 24 hours. If your ad is taking longer than this to get approved, it could be a sign there’s a problem with your ad. The best thing to do is to review Facebook’s policies yourself then look at your ad yourself. If you need to make changes to make it compliant, go ahead and take it down to edit and republish it.


If your Facebook ads are still in review after you’ve taken these steps, it may be worth it to take down your ad and start again from scratch. If you’ve done this and your ads are still stuck in review, you may have a problem with your actual Facebook advertising account, which you can check in the “account quality” section of your Facebook business manager.


Facebook ads active but not spending? Here’s Why.


If your Facebook ads have been approved and have the “active” status, but they’re not spending your budget, it could be caused by a few different issues, including account spending limit, new advertiser daily spending limit, or too low of a budget. We’ll go over each of these aspects here:


  1. Account Spending Limit- In your billing settings, it’s possible to set an account spending limit for all of your ads over all campaigns and pages. While this can be an effective way to control spending, you’ll want to make sure you don’t have one set if you find your ads aren’t spending. If you aren’t the admin of the page you’re running ads on, you’ll need to contact the page owner about the account spending limit.


  1. New Advertiser Daily Limit- If your account is new to running Facebook ads, you may have a daily spending limit set on your account for the first few weeks you run Facebook ads. If you want to see if this is the case, go into one of your ad sets and try setting the daily budget higher than 50$. If you have this limit on your account, Facebook will display a message here. This can be a reason your Facebook ads may not be spending even if they are active.


  1. Low Budget- If you’ve set your budget too low for a Facebook ad, ad set, or campaign, Facebook may have trouble getting your ads to display, which will cause your ads to be shown much less often, and therefore your budget spent more slowly. You can check to see if this is the issue by temporarily increasing the budget o n just one ad set, and see if it begins to be spent.


Facebook Ads: Account Error? Here’s Why:


Sometimes, Facebook will display “account error” in the delivery column of your Facebook ads. This is a fairly simple error, and is caused by an issue with your payment method.


How to Fix it:


There are two simple steps you can take to address this error. First of all, try paying the outstanding balance on your Facebook account, if there is one. If that doesn’t work, update your credit card or payment information. These two steps will solve this problem. 


Facebook Ads Not Showing Results? Here’s Why.


There are a few different reasons why your Facebook ads might not be showing data, metrics, or results for a given campaign, ad set, or ad. These reasons include:


  1. Ad Just Started Running- If your ad has just started running, you’ll need to give Facebook some time to gather data about the results of your ads. For this reason, you’ll want to wait at least a day before looking at the results from your Facebook ads, both for accuracy of data, and completeness of data.


  1. Short Date Range- When looking at your ad results, you’ll want to make sure you’re viewing a date range with enough data to actually show results. This is a fairly simple mistake to fix, and you’ll be able to see your Facebook ad data.


  1. Ad Not delivering- If you’re not seeing data from your Facebook ad, you’ll want to make sure it’s delivering. You can check this in your ads manager under the “delivery” column. If there’s anything other than “active” displaying here, your Facebook ad isn’t running, and isn’t gathering data. This can be caused by a few different issues, and you can check out Facebook’s article about it here.


Common Facebook Ads Issues and Solutions- Facebook Ads 2021


Although these aren’t all the issues you could run into with Facebook advertising, they are the more common stumbling blocks for those new to the Platform. If you’d like to learn more, sign up for our newsletter below, and become an e-commerce genius!