are facebook ads worth it?

Dropshipping 2021 and facebook advertising

With the recent enormous increase in the popularity of e-commerce in general and dropshipping more specifically, it’s never been more important to make sure you’re marketing your chosen product effectively. One of the main ways most people advertise dropshipping sites is through facebook ads, but do they still work in 2021? In this article we’ll go over Facebook ads- the pros and cons, and overall viability for 2021. Just looking for a quick answer?

Are Facebook Ads still worth it for dropshipping? Facebook ads are still both the most popular and the most effective way dropshippers are advertising their products today. However, they are getting more expensive.

To find out why that is, keep reading!

the benefits of facebook advertising

We’ll first go over the benefits of Facebook advertising. Although there are many, we’ll go over the most important ones here.

1. Lookalike audiences

The first benefit and most unique feature of Facebook advertising is the ability to create lookalike audiences. These are audiences who are made up of people Facebook thinks are the most likely to behave similarly to a custom audience you’ve chosen.

Usually, the custom audience will be website visitors who took some kind of valuable action, like completing a purchase or adding a product to their cart. 

However, this is just where the possibilities of lookalike audiences start. Once you get more involved, extremely detailed targeting can be applied with minimal effort. If you’d like to learn more about lookalike audiences, visit our article about them here.





2. microtargeting

Facebook allows for microtargeting, which is when you target an extremely specific subset of your target audience.

By splitting your audience into these smaller sections, you can further refine your ad targeting.

For example, you can target extremely specific geographic areas, like countries, states, villages, or even shopping malls. This helps to reduce waste in ad spend and increase ROI from marketing efforts.





3. retargeting

With Facebook retargeting, you can advertise specifically to people who have been to your website or shown interest in your ad.

In this way, you can increase conversion by allowing for more overall product exposure.

By retargeting people who have expressed interest in your product, you’ll have a higher chance of converting them to paying customers.





4. placement variety

Facebook also allows for the most variety in ad placement. You can select from a variety of different placements for your ads, and target only the ones you feel will be the most effective.

For example, you may not want right-side newsfeed ads, but want to show more story or canvas ads.

When designing your ad sets, you’ll have these options available. This functionality becomes extremely important when developing your ad strategy.





5. largest reach

Facebook still has the most active users out of any social media platform, with over 70 percent of all internet users being on the platform.

Additionally, Facebook is still growing, which means the size of your potential audience is only increasing. If you’re looking to advertise to a worldwide audience, then Facebook will be one of the best platforms to advertise on overall.





6. social proof

Facebook also helps you increase your social proof by enabling page likes. People who are exposed to your ads on facebook have a chance of liking your page, and over time, the increasing amount of page likes will help you build authority within your niche.

Additionally, people who are liking your page are exactly the type that are interested in your products, which can be useful for lookalike audiences and retargeting.





7. ad experience

Facebook has been around for a while, which means they’ve been in the advertising industry for a while. This grants them a considerable amount of authority and trust.

With Facebook constantly improving their advertising features and tuning their algorithm, you can be confident your ads are being delivered in the most effective way for your budget. However, there are some cons to advertising on Facebook, which we’ll go over here.





the downsides to facebook advertising

1. limited organic reach

Facebook requires paid ads for effective advertising. If you’re planning on advertising with organic reach, your marketing probably won’t be effective. This is because Facebook has been gradually reducing the amount of organic reach brand pages have on

Facebook, which makes paid ads the only real effective way to advertise on the platform. Although your page will gather page likes and post shares over time, these are mostly just a side effect of your paid advertising efforts.

Remember, Facebook doesn’t want brands to get free advertising, because that’s what they’re selling.





2. growing cost

Facebook ads are becoming increasingly expensive for their effectiveness.

Because there are more and more advertisers on the platform, Facebook’s ad auction system means that you’ll have to have at least a moderately high marketing budget to even get your ads in front of your customers eyes.

Although this can be moderated with effective targeting, it’s still something to consider with Facebook Ads.





3. engagement dependance

Contrary to other internet advertising platforms like Google, Facebook ads are only served to the people who actually view their feed.

This means that out of the much wider population of the internet and even the wider population of Facebook, your ads are only being served to the people logged into and viewing Facebook.





4. not trendy

Lastly, Facebook’s popularity is decreasing among younger users and those in more western countries. Although Facebook may have the most users and still be growing, it’s not most people’s top choice anymore.

With the rapid development of other social media platforms and the advertising opportunities on them, Facebook’s advertising may soon decrease in effectiveness.





are facebook ads worth it for dropshipping?

Although these certainly aren’t all the pros and cons to Facebook advertising in 2021, they are the most important ones.

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