Are Facebook Ads Display Ads?

You can advertise all over the internet in different shapes, sizes, formats and much more to your chosen audience. Displays ads are one way in which you can market to them, and they work very well in some cases. That’s when a thought sprung to mind the other day- are Facebook ads considered display ads?

Yes, Facebook ads are deemed to be display ads. These are not to be mixed up with a display ad network, as these advertise on a vast number of websites on the web rather than just the associated ones that are connected to Facebook’s advertising network (Facebook & Instagram).

As you can tell, Facebook ads are considered to be display ads. You may or may not know about display networks, these are commonly confused with the display ad format. These companies only show display ads on a flurry of websites rather than just one.


What Is Display Advertising?


To make this topic much clearer, I thought I would discuss what display advertising generally is as a whole topic.


Display advertising is a method of digital marketing that attracts an audience over to your website. These adverts can be found on traditional websites, news sites and even social media platforms. A display advert can consist of a few formats but are often seen in a text, image or video display. They’d then have a call to action on the display and the viewer can click it to be redirected to the product or service you are offering.


Most types of display advertising either on a sole website or through a network are charged on a cost-per-click (CPC) basis. However, there have been cases in which they also charge by cost-per-mile (CPM) which is an average cost per 1000’s impressions of an ad.


As with most ad format types, you still reek the benefit of creating retargeting campaigns and custom audiences on Facebook. These are extremely powerful as you’ll be able to angle the marketing content towards customers that have already performed an action on your previous marketing efforts or website.


Types of Display Ads Used on Facebook


If you’re new to the whole digital marketing world, you may not be aware of what type of display ads are used on Facebook. Below you can see these and the specs needed to create them.




The carousel ad is one of the more complex and advanced types of display advertising that Facebooks offers and allows you to integrate multiple different visuals (either video or photo) in a sideshow-like way. Each slideshow or “card” as some people like to say, has its own individual image or video of a certain product and services you offer.


If you have a large product catalog this display type works superbly. Here you’ll be able to show off multiple groups of items or categories that are found on your website. A great feature found on carousel ads is that each card has its own unique link so you’re able to link directly to that specific page.


Specifications for both image and video carousel ads:


  •  Image size: 1080×1080 px
  • Minimum width/height: 600 px
  • Maximum image size: 30MB per image


  • Video size: 1080×1080 px
  • Video file size: up to 4GB
  • Minimum width/height: 600 px



The most common ad format you’ll see on Facebook is a photo ad. It’s almost guaranteed that if you pull your Facebook up either on your mobile device or desktop, you’ll see some type of photo ad on Facebook almost instantly.


They can be powerful if utilized correctly, easy to test and a less harsh way to advertise to potential customers. Your Facebook photo ad will appear on the targeted user’s newsfeed like any other post would. Creating something that is native and doesn’t scream “advertising” too much, works best here.


Photos are great display ads whether you are a novice or a professional marketer and should be applied in your marketing plan. As mentioned above, testing these are extremely easy as you’ll be able to make multiple different ad copies showing different angles with ease.


Specifics for photo ads:

  • Image size: 1200×628 pixels (px)
  •  Minimum width and height: 600 px

Right column


An advertising format that isn’t commonly used on Facebook and this is the right column ad format. As you can tell from the name, these are found on the right of a Facebook feed. However, these are only shown on desktop and not mobile.


They consist of a small photo and a tiny amount of text which links to your website. They work great for brand exposure, but they aren’t commonly used in the digital marketing world. This advertising format is basic and isn’t something you’ll see a huge return on investment (ROI) in. 


Specifics for right-column ads:

  •  Image size: 1200×628 px
  • Minimum height/width: 600 px



Video ads can be much more engaging and harder to scroll over than photo ads and have been used over the years of online marketing. From personal experiences, I’ve found great conversion rates from video ads. But be assured, you have to make quality and well-thought about ads if you want to achieve success from this type of advertising format.


Using video is an easier way to demonstrate your product or service. Like most advertising formats on Facebook, this is also found within the targeted user’s feed. They look native to the eye, and I recommend you create something that stops the scrolling on a potential customer.


Specifics for video ads:

    • Minimum dimensions: 600×315 px
    •  Maximum video length: 240 minutes (Normally seen in brief 20-30 second videos)
  • Maximum file size: 4GB


Dynamic Product


This ad format is dedicated to marketers that are advertising products. A dynamic product ad shares similarities with a carousel ad and is retargeted towards existing customers or user’s data.


The word dynamic is a big giveaway to how the advertising format works, it is constructed by data that is found on your Facebook pixel. It’ll track your user’s movements and see which products they view or show interest in. After a customer has searched over your website, that data is stored. The dynamic ad will then automatically re-target that customer and show them advertisements based on the products they have just looked at.


I really like this ad format and Facebook has made it very easy to re-target potential customers. I like how it’s personal to the user and I’ve seen people gain some great results from it.


Specifics for dynamic product ads:

Image size: 1200×628 px



Collection ads are a mobile-only format and are considered one of the best marketing techniques to showcase your products to Facebook users. It enables you to showcase an array of different products that you sell on your website, it creates great brand awareness and helps customers understand what your shop is about before going to it.


When creating a collection ad there are two options. These are an instant lookbook and instant storefront. Each option is great but works in different ways. A lookbook uses photos to help people understand and explore your products. As for a storefront, it uses a grid-type layout that advertises multiple products in one place.


Specification for collection ads:

Image size: 1200 x 628 px