Dropshipping Yarn- How to Dropship Yarn 2021

With the massive recent increase in the popularity of both ecommerce in general and dropshipping more specifically, it’s never been more important to find a winning product. This is where yarn comes in.

You may be surprised, but yarn is actually one of the best types of products for dropshipping in 2021, and it has been proven to be working on multiple Shopify stores right now! In addition, although yarn can be a fantastic product to dropship in 2021, it can also be a natural launching point to sell other types of products in the knitting niche!

Because of this, we think that yarn is actually one of the more exciting dropshipping opportunities for 2021, and today we’ll go over the best ways to get started.

There are three important steps to establishing yourself in the knitting dropshipping niche: Deciding on the specific item to start with, earning your first traffic and sales, and then automating and growing your store. So let’s get started!

pick your product

The first step to creating a Shopify store in any niche is to first pick exactly which product you want to sell. One reason yarn is so good for a first product in the kitting niche is that it is so ubiquitous. What this means is that it’s everywhere, and a very common purchase, which means that people are always looking for new opportunities to buy better yarn. Additionally, it is the building block to all of the knitting niche, which means that you’ll never run into a potential shortage of customers. And unlike smaller communities within knitting, you’ll never have to worry about demand falling because of trends within the knitting world. 

Now that we’ve talked about why yarn is such a good starter point for the knitting niche, lets go over finding sources. Although you can just use Aliexpress, we recommend using other tools as well, to make sure you can find (ideally) multiple reliable suppliers for your product. This is another aspect of yarn which makes it extremely conducive to dropshipping. Although it is a niche product, it is also so common within the niche that you are likely to be able to find multiple suppliers. After you’ve determined which suppliers you’d like to use, simply import that product information with Oberlo, and you’re well on your way to dropshipping yarn!

reliable suppliers

One important note about suppliers: while it is possible to dop all sourcing from outside the US, the knitting community in particular places a high value on products made inside the US. For this reason, we recommend taking more time than normal to make sure you’re sourcing a quality product with very fast shipping times, even if it’s not made in the USA.

If you’re still having trouble with finding a reliable supplier, we recommend Sell the Trend. Yes, it’s a paid product, but it does have a seven day free trial, which is all you really need to get a supplier set up. You can even use this tool to find a supplier, then import that supplier information yourself into Oberlo for free and then unsubscribe from Sell the trend. Obviously, many dropshipping starters don’t have the largest budget when they start out, so every dollar saved counts.





growing traffic

After you’ve chosen your specific item and supplier(s), it’s time to get to the fun part- growing your traffic and sales numbers! One way many new dropshippers start out is with social media, for example a company facebook page or instagram sponsored posts.

One effective way to advertise dropshipping products specifically within the knitting community is to contact popular Instagram pages about knitting or even yarn specifically, and ask them about promotional rates.

Obviously, their rates will depend on their page size and post engagement, and the rates can usually be negotiated a bit, although you don’t have to if that’s not your thing. Because the knitting community is unusually connected to social media, instagram can be one of the most effective ways to promote your shopify store.

increasing conversions

One other side note about Instagram: when you’re first looking around your niche, in this case knitting, make sure to make a company page and follow every knitting page you can. This will help tell Instagram you’re interested in knitting, and they’ll start showing you knitting ads. Then based on wheat you see, you can determine which products might be working for dropshipping right now. After all, they’re not likely to be running ads for a product that isn’t selling well.

By taking advantage of both free Instagram data insights and the use of promotional pages, you can really skyrocket your products traffic and sales. However, unless you’re able to build a large and loyal following on both Instagram and Facebook, chances are you’re not going to be able to scale social media into the long-term growth that is possible with most advanced and expensive marketing strategies, like Facebook ads. If you’d like to learn more about Facebook ads and retargeting specifically, check out our post here





growing your store

The third part of starting to dropship yarn is automation and growing your store. For finding products related to your first one that might also do well, check out the related section of your product on both Amazon and Aliexpress. However, make sure not to just blindly add these to your store.

First you’ll want to do product research to see if it’s even viable. What are the star rankings of related products? Much of the time, a related product may actually be of much lower quality than the original, and this is something which is important to watch out for. There’s no faster way to kill an existing customer base than to make them unhappy with your store by receiving a much lower quality product than they’re used to.

adding automation

As far as automating your dropshipping goes, the free plan with Oberlo should work just fine until you get into high numbers of orders and complicated shipping, after that, it may be time to look at paid automation software to make your job easier.

Afterall, dropshipping has the potential to become passive income, but only if you put in the time upfront to make that happen





Dropshipping Yarn- How to dropship yarn in 2021

So what are you waiting for? If you’re wondering if dropshipping yarn is viable, then the answer is yes!

Although far from a get rich quick scheme, especially in 2021, dropshipping still has enormous potential for anyone looking to grow an online business, and the knitting niche is especially conducive to it for many reasons, including the constant demand for yarn and passionate audience.

If you’d like to jumpstart your income and start growing traffic, sales, and conversions, then sign up for our newsletter below and become an e-commerce genius!