Best Dropshipping Product Discovery Tools


With the incredible rise of e-commerce and dropshipping in the recent past, more and more tools are popping up online which claim to help you find winning products. 


These services range from plugins to add to your shopify store, to unique websites with their own discovery tools, to paid newsletters claiming to publish a list of winning products weekly or monthly. 


Because of this, we figured it was about time to break down what the best product discovery tools are for shopify dropshipping in 2021, and which one might be right for you. So let’s get into it. The best Shopify Dropshipping Discovery Tools are: 

  • Sell The Trend 
  • Dropship Spy
  • Ecomhunt
  • Niche Scraper


So let’s talk a little bit about each of them, their features, and where you can find them! 


Sell the Trend


The first product discovery tool for dropshipping is Sell the Trend. When I was building my own dropshipping store, this is the tool I used the most, mainly because it was the one I got into first, and boy was I lucky that I did!

The main benefit that makes this tool different from many others is the sheer variety of powerful options and features it offers. It has a trending hub, called the ‘nexus’, a search bar with a multitude of different categories to filter by, and they even have a constantly rotating selection of hand-selected products they put on the home page. 


While these aren’t always the best products simply because they have so much exposure, they can give you a fantastic idea of what kinds of products are working. This is an enormous insight into product discovery, as long as you analyze what the tool is telling you, and don’t take everything at face value. 


Another great part about Sell The Trend is that it has a seven day free trial, so you don’t have to take any risk by trying it out! Sell the trend works by analyzing currently running shopify stores for winning products and then comparing that data to both Facebook ads and trending Aliexpress products. 


By doing this, it’s able to provide it’s subscribers with an incredible list of potential products, and ones that are currently working as well. 


Overall, I would recommend this tool the most, for both beginners and experienced dropshippers looking to take their site to the next level!


The second product discovery tool for Shopify we’ll talk about is The main function of this site is to show you what’s currently trending on Aliexpress, which will give you a lot of inspiration for your product research. 


It starts with a list of trends, and allows you to filter by many different parameters to find the right one, like sales, category, and recent statistics of a product. Currently, there is no free trial for thieve supply, however, by subscribing for just one month, you can get the vast majority of the value this tool has to offer.


Dropship Spy


The third product discovery tool to go over is Dropship Spy! Currently, they offer ten tools in one subscription. This service works a little like a newsletter, where they’ll add five new trending products to the site every day. While these generally are good products, they also happen to get saturated fast, and we’ve even seen margins crash on some items that were featured in this section. 


Overall, I would recommend this tool only if you have the know-how to find out why those products are working and use that knowledge to find your own unique product.




The fourth Dropshipping product discovery tool is Ecomhunt. Unfortunately, they don’t offer a trial, but their pricing is actually more affordable than most other tools, at 20$/month. Similar to Dropship Spy, they add a selection of new products every day, and just like Dropship spy, these products can get saturated really easily. 


However, unlike Dropship spy, Ecomhunt provides a host of other statistics, like selling price, targeting information, and a suggested video ad as well! These features make this tool actually pretty valuable, especially at the price point it’s at. 


For people just starting out in dropshipping, this can be an extremely useful tool, as it will point you in the right direction, not just for potential products, but also for potential dropshipping marketing strategies. 


Although they do offer a free account with limited features, to really be able to use this tool to its fullest potential you’ll have to fork over the 20$ for a paid plan.


Niche Scraper


Finally, the fifth dropshipping tool we’ll talk about today is Niche Scraper. In many ways, it’s similar to Sell The Trend, but it also has a couple important differences. They do have a selection of handpicked products, like most other tools, but it has a sleek design as well, and comes at a cheaper price point. 


I’d recommend this tool only if you like Sell The Trend but want to try some variety, or if you’re very constrained on budget.


The Best Dropshipping Product Discovery Tools for 2021


Although there are tons of product discovery tools for dropshipping with more popping up every day, some are just better than others. 


Overall, If you’re looking for just one product discovery tool for dropshipping, then I would recommend Sell The Trend. With it’s 7 day free trial, you can even check it out without any risk- just be sure to cancel the plan if you don’t like it. 


However, if you’re an experienced dropshipper, you’ll probably keep the subscription because you’ll notice just how valuable it is! If you’d like to learn more, join our newsletter below and become an e-commerce expert!